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The Art of Robert Reynolds 
Cal Poly University Professor of Art/Emeritus, Reynolds is a recipient of the university’s Distinguished Teaching Award and the Cal Poly President Baker’s Art Award.

He is also a past department chairman of the nationally recognized Art and Design Program at Cal Poly. He is an alumnus with honors of the Art Center College of Design, located in Southern California. Reynolds later earned his Masters Degree from Cal Poly University. Presently, he is a Professor of Art/Emeritus; Cal Poly University, San Luis Obispo, California.

Robert has supported WoW! for years. Thank you!!!
"Vineyard Light" watercolor painting by Robert Reynolds
"Vineyard Light"
27.50" x 21"
Watercolor painting by Robert Reynolds

The Art of Susan Harrison-Tustain
New Zealand artist Susan Harrison-Tustain's highly sought after work will take you on an artistic journey. Her passion for painting and for natural beauty and light allows the viewers of her work to feel part of the world she has captured. A world so life-like you can 'smell' the perfume of the roses, see the light as it glistens through a dew-drop or feel the nostalgic atmosphere she has created in her still-life studies of much-loved, time-worn objet d'art.

Victoria Chiofalo
Born in Bombay, India, and raised in Shanghai, in 1948 Victoria moved to Argentina where she studied fine art at the National Academy of Fine Arts. A San Francisco resident since 1963, she resumed her studies at San Francisco City College, as well as privately. Her paintings have won her many awards. Mostly self taught, she works in oils, watercolors, acrylics and pastels with the same verve and style.

Jane Freeman
"Creation is personal, we do it for ourselves and if someone likes it, goodie. So that's my 2 cents for what it is worth. I would take technique if I had to choose because if I have that, as many of the greats had, then I can go anywhere with it. I now know what works and how to go to the edge and it still works. Thank God for diversity or it would be pretty boring!"  (quote from the ArtBoards at in a discussion of technique versus creativity)