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Spotlighted Artists...
One-hundred years ago, an artist might starve while producing masterpieces.  Marketing his art was harder work than creating it (it still is!!!). Many talented"Revival" watercolor painting by Sara Steele "masters" may have never been discovered because they could not display their work to a large number of people.

watercolor painting
by Sara Steele
All rights reserved

While we should never disregard the masters (and indeed we should study them), we are fortunate that we can "meet" some contemporary artists and "see" their work online. The purpose of "Spotlighted Artist" (and WoW!)is to give you an opportunity to learn from and about a selected contemporary artist and to view their artwork.

Spotlighted artists are:

Catherine Anderson
Sara Steele
Carol Carter
Nita Leland
Betsy Dillard Stroud