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August 2013

World of Watercolor was online for many years and popular with artists and art lovers. In 2011 the hosting company failed to properly renew the domain name and the website was lost. Luckily, this domain is still in my name. I will be posting over 500 archived pages from WoW! so again you can enjoy the free lessons, artists gallery, WoW! Sites, artists interviews and more.
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Sincerely Yours Red Zinnia watercolor painting 1959
February 1999

....But sometimes I want to step back.  I think about finding an island somewhere - ala Gauguin.  I think about playing croquet on a green lawn -  ala Seurat.  I think about walking in a wheat field in Southern France - ala Van Gogh.  But maybe the best I can do is to make an definite effort to slow the pace of my life and spend time enjoying what is actually REAL!
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Mixed media painting by Betsy Dillard StroudBetsy
Dillard Stroud



Nita Leland

Color, Creativity, Collage, Oh My!!!

Interview Dec 2001

Penny Soto's
Lesson 2 of
"Morning Glory Blues"

Paul Jackson, AWS, NWS
Interview 2002 
"Why You Shouldn't Paint Flowers" 

Detail from watercolor painting by Carol Carter
"small Intruders"
a watercolor journey through the bug kingdom
by Carol Carter

Sharon Himes, Woodland Artist
Introduction New!
"Purple in Nature"New!

Steps to Watercolor  Penny Soto

Maury Kettell A Different Perspective

The Art of Robert Reynolds

Mary Heussenstamm Portrait Artist

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How to Paint Flowers
Birgit O'Connor

To Mask or Not to Mask  

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FREE beading lessons

Detail from vignette demonstration by Betsy Dillard Stroud
Betsy Dillard Stroud New!
How to Paint a Vignette

Click above on Amazon or Catherine's website to purchase her new DVD

The Masters Speak...
...about Technique
...about Backgrounds

WoW! How?New!
Denise Enslen Schill - Collage
Gloria Angelino - Negative Painting

Setting & Achieving Goals

Connie Zekas Bailey
WoW! How?

WoW! Lots of Links New!

The WoW! Store at Amazon New!

Carol Carter
Workshop in France 2013

Coming in the near future!
Watercolor Ideas Donald Clegg "A Floral Gallery"
How to Paint Hydrangeas by Barb VanNostern
How to Paint a Vignette by Betsy Dillard Stroud
Water Drops on Flowers  by Birgit O'Connor
Dealing with Dealers by Rob
ert Genn

Women Artists of the West
Old Masters - Vincent Van Gogh
John Singer Sargent  A Spanish Interior

Chat Transcript
July 25,2001 with Catherine Anderson
"Demons & Monsters"


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