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A Different Perspective by Maury Kettell...

Introduction to Maury Kettell, Watercolor Guru

Maury Kettell and his grand-daughter

Maury is a Watercolor Guru who receives the respect of many online artists. He coordinates a very popular Facebook group under the name of Order of the Wet Brush (OWB), inspires us, and motivates us.

 Besides being a great and consistent painter, he is an art philosopher. We are happy to have some of his essays here at WoW!

Maury & his grand-daughter

Been There, Done That - On Entering Art Shows
The Force Be With You
Gratification  - You gotta work and wait for it!
The Learning Process
Near & Far
The Essence of Things
Looking at Little Things

Note: Everyone sees the challenges of the art world differently. This feature, A Different Perspective, makes you think, discuss and perhaps PAINT! While the editors of WoW! may often agree, these articles do always represent the viewpoints of our magazine.