Spotlighted Artist - Carol Carter
Introduction to Carol Carter...

April 2013 Update: Carol has a new book out with wonderful "small intruder" paintings.

small INTRUDERS, a watercolor journey through the bug kingdom
Exhibition, Book Signing, and Reception
Friday May 3, 2013
5:30  -  8 PM
Arch Framing  
7844 Manchester Blvd
Saint Louis MO 63143
314 645. 6621

"For me, painting should have an intimacy, a mysteriousness, a sensuality. At its best, my work also has an edge; something in it that takes a moment, a second look, an effort to comprehend." ~~~Carol Carter

Carol Carter's website shows her work over the last many years. While her technical ability is evident from the first, the content of her paintings has matured. (Editor's note: Even more so in 2013! She has a new book for sale at her website - small Intruders. All I can say is WoW!)

Whether it is the intimate view of a body floating in water, unaware of being watched and lost in a dance to music only she hears, or the ghost-like structural form of an alabaster banister amid floral shadows, you sense the magic of the moment.

Initially, and rightly so, you appreciate the technique. But her paintings deserve a "second look" to unlock her message. Is it what she intended to convey? As with all art, what you pull from her paintings depends on your own experiences - but what a wonderful opportunity to explore emotions in the sometimes bold and sometimes subtle colors of Carol Carter's paintings.

We are happy to promote Carol's workshop in France, August 2013.

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Visit Carol's website "Watercolor Paintings by Carol Carter"

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