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About Artist Magazine & WoW! & Gloria...
Gloria Angelino & Goldee of Artist Magazine
n 1995, I had already been part of an online artists community called Order of the Wet Brush (OWB) for some time.  We started on Prodigy, one of the first online bulletin board sites.

For a while we also "chatted real time" on Delta - a blue screened text program ---- at that time a FASTbaud rate of 1200bps!

Because I was a special contributor to the Prodigy art community, they gave me space for a website. I called it World of Watercolor. I wanted to have an art newsletter and this gave me the opportunity to do it online. When I left Prodigy, I kept the name "World of Watercolor", purchased the domain name and began many years of managing, publishing, writing, and promoting WoW!.

WoW! was fairly popular. The goal was to allow new artists to promote their artwork and themselves to the world. My feature on Van Gogh was brought about by realizing he sold only one painting in his brief life and currently his paintings are selling for millions of dollars! So sad that he didn't have that success when he was alive to enjoy it.

In 2008, my husband died and I was floundering. I was burned out and depressed. I fought to bring myself back and started to do a little painting. A good, dear friend introduced me to "beading" and helped me open a bead shop. My creativity turned away from watercolor to creating jewelry.

Interestingly, I used all my self-taught knowledge of art in jewelry creating!

In 2011, when I was trying to move WoW! to a new server, I lost the domain name ownership. The company tracking it had sold several times and I could not locate who to pay. The new company tried to help but all was lost.

My situation changed in Sept 2012 when I closed the bead shop to move into my daughter's house in Las Vegas. Now I have time to revive WoW!, make contact with all my artists friends, and do some painting ---- along with jewelry design.

Until I get domain name back, Artist Magazine Online will work! Hope you enjoy the "new/old" pages!!!